How to be creative even when you think you are not

There is a myth, perpetuated by alot of shit people, usually told to us when we are children – and no it is not the tooth fairy, the monsters under the bed … it is the idea that only some of us are creative.  That it is something you are born with or not.

When I think about this seriously, It makes me want to laugh. Seriously  – do you actually think creativity is an attribute you can be born without??

We are need to be creative to survive. It is not a skill it is a basic instinct. Innately in all of us. Why do you all think we play when we are children – we are creating ideas, drawing things, imagining worlds  – this is creativity.

There are just the people that are told they are good at it and the people who are told they are not.

The greatest tragedy is so many of us believe that we aren’t. For whatever reason we cling to the idea that creativity is for the artists of the world, not for us.

But creativity comes in many forms and whilst you might often think its about grabbing a note book, picking up a paint brush or designing something, it’s not that prescriptive. Creativity is your mind at play.

So why not start playing?

Ok. So you are still a doubter I can tell this, but you won’t be for long.

Here is what you are going to do.

One – close your eyes (yes, I know, you don’t have to do this in front of anyone else, go and find some quiet corner somewhere, where no one is watching) and then let a word come into your head.

Literally any word – whatever pops in. Let your brain do this bit

Two – Now you have your word, you only need one – you can open your eyes (phew, aren’t you glad that is over) write it down on a piece of paper.

Three – Ok so let’s expand this. Think of all the things you associate with that word – it can be colours, pictures, other words, memories, music, problems, dreams, ideas, people, – whatever it is just set a timer for 2 mins and write all of these things down.

Four – So it’s playtime – with those bunch of words thoughts or ideas pick the one that intrigues you, sparks your curiosity or interest in anyway and challenge yourself to do one of the following:

  • if its a problem that has come up – think of one way you could solve it
  • write a story about it
  • try and capture it in a photo
  • draw it
  • model it out of something
  • go and tell somebody why it excited
  • see if you can turn it into a game
  • listen to music that you associate with it and dance
  • see if you can turn it into a gift for someone
  • go out side for a walk and imagine all of the things you could do with it
  • build a Pinterest board around it
  • create a joke using that word

Ok so that is just a start – and you are thinking that was completely pointless. But it wasn’t creativity never is. It’s all about flexing your creative muscles whenever you can. Just like reps at the gym the more you play around with thoughts, ideas, words and feelings you will find yourself suddenly starting to see that creativity is who you are, you just have maybe been in denial about it for a while.

Time to step out of the creativity closet and play.

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