Creative Project Idea: Create a new kind of map

So we have all seen maps right. Have you ever thought that maps are the kind of thing that you know what they look like – that thing with lines and names and a scale – well think again.

Today your challenge is to create a new kind of map. Bring some fresh ideas to what a map could be.

Maybe you want to make a map to your heart, a hand drawn illustration, take scale and blow it apart (maybe scale it by your favourites), maybe map out moments in your life, or the songs that bring you nostalgia, maybe make a map out of string, or a 3d creation, perhaps you create a map with words or different kinds of data. Whatever a map means to you – flip it on its head and create a new kind of map.

I hope it leads you somewhere wonderful!

*that image is a Paula steer map – if you want some inspiration for amazing maps why not google that shit it is stunning!

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