Creative Project Idea: Take a photo a day

One of the best things about technology is most of us carry around a pretty impressive camera in our pockets each day. That camera can be an eye on the world.

So here is your challenge. Pick an object – it can be anything. – chairs, door handles, fruit, pens, books, clouds, people – whatever takes your fancy really and for the next 30 days (if you can) take a photo of that object, try and seek out different versions of it, or if it is the same one why not find a different way to filter, or capture it – perhaps a different angle, in the light in the dark… the list could go on.

And that is it. Maybe it will turn into a really cool canvas, maybe it will be ugly in your eyes but whatever it will be a collection. A creative collection of things at a moment in time and a great way to challenge you to keep looking.

Right, what are you waiting for. Time to start now.

*I chose cups! (I think its because I like writing with a cup of tea!)

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