Creativity Saves Me is a movement. A reminder to the world of the power of the creative spark.

We do three things…

By collecting stories We celebrate the power of creativity to change lives

Through blog posts, shared work and everyday inspiration We open a space to celebrate and show case work that explores the tension between life’s challenge and the creativity born out of it.

With our list of mini creative projects We provide inspiration on how to get started with your next creative project right now

So where did it come from…

Like all ideas Creativity Saves Me was a born out of a desire for things to be different. It was a thought I had in the darkness of depression and it became the spark that brought me out.

In the depths of despair I always come back to this idea….

Stifled creativity sits at the bottom of a lot of emotional challenges. It is not the only thing, but un-utilised creativity is a ticking time bomb. Don’t let it destroy you – let it free you.

So try it out. See what it becomes…

Everyone is creative. Don’t lie to yourself or us and say you are not.

Do something. Now. Sit and draw, write, grab your camera or your phone and take a photo, paint, sculpt, sew, use your hands, your eyes, your mouth. Sing, dance, see. Dream.

Cut open a slither of possibility in your soul, and let your creativity dance till 5am raving until the sun comes up – whatever that means to you. Just give yourself the freedom to create. Listen to that tiny voice, follow that what if, challenge it, break things apart and put them back together.

Creativity can’t be everything but it is the antidote to nothingness.

Get creative now

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