The Power of Play

What would we do if instead of looking for a definitive answer we just played?

No final decision, no should do’s, no final outcome. Just play.

The chance to experiment and explore. As if we get to see the world a new. What would you do if you looked on life with fresh eyes?

What would you question? What would you change? And how? Probably little by little experimenting each time, remembering what you liked, what felt good, what worked well, what you wanted more of. So then you created an environment with more of those things. That wouldnt mean there was no pain, no discomfort, no wrong turns, miss steps or times when you landed face in the mud. But they wouldnt mean you were a bad person, or you needed to give up on the idea you had been pursuing of the work you were creating. Instead they would be signs to go about it a different way.

It strikes me that my eyes are so clouded already by what I have decided to see. And that is not necessarily how things are, they are just what I have decided they should be.

But there is no should. Not really.

And so what if we all just played. Played around with that idea, started a project just for fun, messed around with a camera, collaborated with people that made us laugh. What if we just made life work like that. Let go of the expectations that our eyes have created and played instead, in the blissful light of possibility.

That light that is there at the start and end of everyday, glimmering as each project grows. Giving us insight into something new or different. Within that light livesĀ a spark of something new. A spark of creativity that is not only ready to build new projects but also show you the world in a different way.

What if we stepped back, with a blank sheet of paper. What would you put on that paper? Would it need to be good? Probably not. Maybe the value isn’t in the outcome, it is in the play. Because the play is fun. Yes, success feels wonderful, but often play feels just as good.

So whilst space is scary, and peeling back the layers that you have been building for so long feels like the most painful shedding of skin, underneath it exists the chance to grow. The possibility to play around with life, for it not all to be so serious all the time and instead be a whole set of beautifully insightful, and incredibly fun experiments, hopefully surrounded by people who make us smile. It might help us to just make a start. Because maybe for once we can trick fear into pipping the f*ck down because after all it is all just for fun right, so who really cares…

Let’s get playing.

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