Coming Back to You

There are times in life when it is easy to wake up and not recognise the world that surrounds you. Or even worse yourself within it.

There are moments that shake us to our core, and through this movement we lose the ties to ourselves. We are so busy dealing with the outside world we forget the inside one, and often when we realise we are free falling we reach out to grasp the meaning that lives inside of us and find that we are so far away we cannot see it.

On particularly dark days, the ones where for no explicable reason you can’t see the reasons for living, finding yourself floating alone unable to find that tie, you can feel hopeless.  On those days, often the only way to find ourselves is through other people, we reach out to those who know and love us, the ones who can help guide you back to the person you are, the one they know exists beyond the dark.  People it turns out can be a magical thing.  This is the start.

But often I find that it is only the start, other people can point us in the right direction, but to find the grounding we need, the one we find when we find the person we are inside, that can take work. Which is I think where creativity comes in. Our emotional and mental lives are so often played out purely in our heads, they are not there in front of us, they are not physical or tangible, we can’t point at the scar on our heart or mind and show people the pain, or look at how much we have to heal. It can then be hard to understand what we are dealing with, because it can be so hard to know if we can’t see.

Creativity gives us a tool to make the emotions physical. To take the thoughts, ideas and feelings and turn them into something to examine, to pull apart, to stretch, to hold up to the light. In short those moments of writing, painting, drawing, dancing, sewing, sculpting, coding, designing we start the journey back to find ourselves. We ground ourselves back in who we are. We get to play around with that and put it on paper or turn it into something physical.

So if you are feeling lost right now, why not try and create. Trust that the outcome doesn’t matter, it is through the practice that you will find bits of yourself, you will start to be able to grab hold of ties, the ones that are the parts of you that are you beyond what anyone else thinks, or whatever happens.  Because I think if you can find yourself in a storm you always make it through.

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