Creative Project Idea: Make a loaf of bread

I have already talked about how great cooking can be for your creativity and I think baking (let’s face it, a form of cooking right? – Umm, yeah, you fucking idiot… (Sorry my subconscious can be quite condescending sometimes!)) is just the same.

What’s even better about baking bread though is that kneading dough is probably one of the most meditative things you can possibly do. And in my mind if you are getting creativity and meditation in one hit you couldn’t be winning at life anymore than if you were doing handstands on a unicycle in the middle of a tropical island.

Whether you have baked before or not the challenge still applies. Find a bread recipe (here is one) and bake a loaf – mix it up if you want, add extra ingredients, spices, use a different flour, mould it into a different shape, do whatever you want to it. Just bake it and play around (maybe even see if you can sculpt the dough in the kneading process, you know just for funsies.)

I would love to see a picture if you have one!


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