Creative Project Idea: Use a different Medium

If you are kind of into this creativity thing now, chances are when you doing your creative work you are turning to a similar medium – whether its photography, writing, drawing, painting, cooking, sewing… whatever the medium you are probably doing a similar thing.

So here is the challenge look at an idea you have had and maybe already played out in whatever form you usually play it out. Then try and capture it in a different medium – turn that poem into a painting, that photograph into a culinary master piece, that drawing into a piece of music.

Whatever it is, try and see how that same feeling or idea could look in a different medium. Yes it might be rubbish because you can’t Write/Sew/Cook/Draw/Paint/Play an Instrument /[insert excuse here] ┬ábut that’s not the point. The point isn’t good it is play.

So have fun and see what happens.

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