Creative Project Idea: Make art out of your food

So often we see creativity as a separate act. Something we need to find time for in our daily lives. But what if instead you made some of the daily actions of your life more artful or creative. I feel this may spark a series but to keep it simple let’s start with just the one challenge. And the most obvious one to me seems food. We all have to eat to live. (PLEASE NO-ONE EVER INVENT A PILL THAT REPLACES THE NEED FOR FOOD – FOOD IS THE BEST) Apologies, minor aside there.

Anyway as I was saying, we all have to eat to live, so why not make your food art.

Whether its in the flavour combinations or the presentation do something that feels creative and artful to you with your food. the only limit your imagination and maybe your taste buds. But why not experiment, you never know you might discover that Brie and Apricot Croissants that look like rain clouds really are the future of food.

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