Creative Project Idea: Find a cool foreign word of phrase

Getting external inspiration is a wonderful way to amp up your creative juices. I love words so for me finding new words of phrases from a foreign language is like taking a warm bath in vocabulary goodness.

My favourite ever (so far) is probably La Dolce Far Niente. Fuck me the Italians know how to live.

But that is by the by, wheres the challenge I hear you cry. Ok here goes.

  1. find a word or phrase you like  – one of the best ways to do this can just be translating one of your favourite words into another language, or googling an idea you like
  2. once you have a word do something with it – create a rap, draw a picture that encapsulates it, scribble it all over a page, write a story about it, tell a friend about it, take a picture that captures the very essence, mix a colour that looks like it, make a film about it, cross stitch it into something… You get the picture.

No go. And then spend the rest of the day living La Dolce Far Niente – because after all that effort you definitely deserve it.

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