Creative Project Idea: Fill a blank page

There is often nothing more scary than a blank page. Personally I find the cursor at the top of the blank page or the white space of a canvas a daunting prospect. It can often taunt us with its emptiness – pregnant with possibility but also filled with the fear of what if what we put on that page is complete and utter shit.

Well there is no better way to break a fear than to face it over and over again.

So here you go. This weeks challenge. Do some aversion therapy. Fill a blank page. ¬†With something. Anything. Do it everyday if you can. It can be words, it can be drawings, colour, heck rip up bits of paper and stick them on, cover it in dirt, write on it with lipstick, cover it in food splotches. The goal isn’t good, the goal is to fill it.

Then let your creativity take over and have fun. Make a promise that you don’t ever have to show anyone. These blank pages are just for you.

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