I just don’t care

So often the fear… of failing, of what other people think, of what we are supposed to be, or do,  stops us.

It halts progress on the most precious of all seeds, the ideas that might change the world, or might collapse in a burning heap on the floor. The thing is you don’t know which seed is going to be the one that takes off and either way those seeds have value.

They are movement, momentum, they are the sparks that light the world, that play with curiosity and delight. They are the things that make every day worthwhile. Dryness is often nothingness. We need the spark of curiosity of play to do something with.

The problem seems to be what others think of that precious little seed becomes all too important. More to the point what we think of that seed becomes all too important. We attach ourselves so much to the outcome, to the opinion of anyone (including us) we fail to see the value in that seed isn’t whether it grows or withers and dies, it is that we have a seed and the process of throwing it in the ground, covering it with soil and pouring a shit load of water on to see if it grows – that is the part that has meaning. It is not the hero’s journey where we go through shit only to come out the other side triumphant, fuck the triumph. It is and always will be only the journey. The mere fact that you had an idea and did something with is where the value lies – because fuck isn’t the whole point that you had fun creating?

That is living.

Creativity is the magic that you risk losing if you spend your whole time in fear of yourself or others opinions, or outcomes you have no control over.

So here is something rebellious for you. Fuck it.

What if you just didn’t care?

Let go. The outcome is just that, an outcome – it does not decide on the value, it is merely another bit of information.

So go and do. And when that fear rears it stagnancy inducing head remind yourself ‘I just don’t care’. As clichéd as it sounds it’s always the fucking journey. That’s the bit that is life, everything else is just passing judgement.


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