Creative Project Idea: Mix a colour

One of the best things about art is often the way it makes us look at things. I mean really look. And nothing is a greater and easier challenge than mixing a colour.

Colour is pretty special thing. Considering right now this site is entirely black and white that might seem like an odd comment but I love colour so much, it can absorb you, make you feel something beyond yourself. It really is pretty wonderful.

So why not play around with it. You don’t need to do anything with this colour, but grab some paints and either find a colour that inspires you and look at it until you can see all the colours that make it up and mix it. Or start from nothing and just mix colours that take your fancy, keep playing until you find something you like.

The final part of the challenge – name it. Whatever you want – don’t try and find out the Pantone reference or the Crayola name. Name it the name you would. What does it look like to you. Heck why not give it a personality if you want. Meet Norman, he is a perfectly beautiful racing green who likes crosswords, a cheese board, pottering in the garden and binge watching Orange is the New Black (everyone has a guilty pleasure, even colours that I have randomly given personalities too). You get the picture right ??? (remember this shit is supposed to be fun – so go and play!!)


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